In ERIS, virtual content can be inserted directly into an overhead map view and seen across all types of devices. Anything placed on the map is instantly translated to its precise real-world location, viewable in AR.



Building information is overlaid directly on top of real-world coordinates


3D models can be rotated and zoomed using an overhead bird’s eye view

✔️1-to-1 real-time correlation between map view and real world

✔️Multiple users see the same content from their own perspectives

✔️Content is anchored to precise locations and persistent over time


Now, fire safety personnel can go beyond photos and 2-dimension floor plans when conducting pre-incident surveys and inspections. ERIS allows them to capture the detailed features of a property 3-dimensionally, ready to be utilized during an emergency with AR.
Capture the precise location of:

Fire Dept Connections

Critical utility shutoffs

Entrance / exits

Electrical hazards

Fire hydrants

Hazardous materials storage

Fire extinguishers


Data captured with ERIS during pre-incident planning gives the Incident Commander a new level of situational awareness when preparing an action plan during an emergency.
Using ERIS, the IC can:

Visualize floor plans and interior rooms in 3 dimensions

Avoid hazards such as high voltage, overhead loads, and fall risks

Plan optimal points of entry and exit for interior firefighters

Conduct safer and more efficient search and rescue / rapid interventions

Monitor interior conditions via localized sensor data

With ERIS, the Incident Commander has a new tool for accountability: the ability to visually track multiple firefighters simultaneously, even through walls of a structure. Seeing the real-time movements of personnel in relation to 3D building data gives the IC next-generation situational awareness.


The capabilities of ERIS to overlay virtual content and 3D models precisely on the real world make it a valuable tool for firefighter training. With AR, fire and smoke propagation simulations can be carried out in realistic settings, free from the usual constraints of VR headsets.